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Silver White Drops With Biochrome Diopside Heart Cut


Sterling Silver White Drops With Black Onyx White Rhodium


Sterling Silver Gold Drop With Cubic Zirconia Round Cut


Sterling Silver Gold Drops With Umbrella Pattern Model


Silver Hoops For Young Women With Pita Wire And Pyrite Stone


Hoop And Heart With Hanging Arizona Turquoise Rough Stone

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Handmade Natural Peridot Gemstone Sterling Silver Flower Designs Hammered Ring


Black Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver White Cubic Zirconia Ring


Gorgeous Solid Sterling Silver With Black Cubic Zirconia Ring Size 6 Jewelry


White Zircon Black Rhodium Plate Solid Brass Flower Style Fashion Ring Size 6.5


Sterling Silver White Ring With Arora Opal Pear Cut


Silver Oxidised Ring With Doublet Santamaria Aquamarine

Online Shopping Jewelry App

The World is growing at a faster pace and everyone has been altering their lifestyle in accordance with its speed. Most of the people nowadays prefer buying everything from the real home rather than visiting the shopping malls and other places. Both the parents in the family are working nowadays and hence they do not have enough time to visit a particular place and buy their requirements. In order to facilitate these people, the latest technology along with internet connection has given rise to a modern trend called online shopping system. Every product from food to clothes, grocery items and every other requirement like paying the bills can be done through digital medium today.
Along with online shopping, various developments have been made in these applications and the next development in online shopping is using various applications that can be installed easily in any type of Android mobile. Nowadays most of the online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, Ola are functioning through mobile applications rather than a website since the usage of mobile phones have increased rapidly in the past decade.  Along with other services nowadays jewellery is also being sold online. Various types of Jewellery items like gold jewellery, silver jewellery, diamond jewellery and other forms of fashion jewellery items are being sold online. Most of the people from the previous generation prefer visiting a jewellery shop and looking at the designs in detail before selecting a particular jewellery item for themselves. nowadays with the help of these applications, the designs can be viewed through various images available on the websites. Each and every single minute detail about that particular product is given in detail for the satisfaction of the customers. with the help of these online applications, people can easily choose a jewellery item without having any type of doubt in their mind.
DWS jewellery is one of the leading jewellery showrooms in the country that manufactures its own set of fashion jewellery items for its customers. Our store is located in Jaipur Rajasthan, and we provide a wide variety of designs for our customers which is available in our Store and also in our online website portal. Our customers can also use our specialised jewellery app for viewing and ordering jewellery designs online from their home or office or anywhere.

Multiple Designs

Our Jewel application consists of a wide range of designs from Ring to do all types of large Jewellery items like necklaces. We have tried our best to bring most of our collections for viewing in these apps. We have a multiple number of designs exhibited in this Jewellery app. Our jewellery showroom consists of a wide variety of bracelet designs made with various metals and gemstones embedded in them. Both traditional and modern design bracelets are included in the bracelet app to help our customers have a wide variety of choices before making a final decision.
Every person wishes to propose their loved ones with a ring for marriage. The ring is not just a token of love it is a promise that the person makes to their better half to take care of them for eternity. But sometimes due to a busy schedule, it would be impossible for a person to you buy the ring by visiting the store. Such persons can visit our ring app to choose their best design for proposal and order them for home delivery. Our ring design app allows people to design their own customised rings for their better half.
People can use this app to find a wide variety of jewellery designs and most of the designs available in the applications are available in our jewellery stores. with the help of our jewellery findings app, anyone can find any type of jewellery that can suit their needs.  Even if it is impossible for you to find suitable Jewellery items you can always request for a customised jewellery design by uploading the images of the customer, is the design you want to order. People can also use our pendant app for selecting a suitable pendant as an additional gift for your proposal. Most of the people love wearing multiple numbers of a designed pendant that suits their daily wear accordingly. Wearing multiple pendants for a single-stranded chain or necklace is of fashion today and our customers can use the necklace app to find a suitable necklace that goes well along with these pendants.
Our special earrings app contains a wide variety of designs from normal earrings design like simple designs with a small stone embedded in them to a wide range of Jhumkas, drops, and other modern designs.

Smart App

Our application is designed with the most modern and updated design version and the applicati0on is completely user-friendly. People can easily search a wide range of design with our smart bracelet app and entering a single metal or name of the variety will provide all possible results making it easier for the person to search and find any design they are searching for. The smart wristband app allows the customer to go through a wide variety of wristband designs available. The consumer can also choose their own design and they can also filter their search based upon metals, stones and price. Along with bracelets and wrist bands, the customers can also use our cuff app for searching through a wide variety of cuff links. For more traditional related ornament customers can use our bangle app for searching through a wide variety of bangle designs both traditional and modern designs. Most of our traditional bangle designs are handcrafted and people can use this link to search through our multiple bangle designs.
We also provide the option of creating customised jewellery designs for our customers on our website. Our customers can upload the picture of the design they want to get customised and enter the valid details and request us through online. We will make our best valuable efforts to meet the requirements of our customers. Visit our site or install our application for going through our wide range of collections and buy the jewellery collections online.

The Best Gold Jewelry App For Youngsters

Nowadays with the increase in the work rate, more people are preparing to work from their home and they also perform most of their activities from home. Even though people have shifted their interest in shopping and other recreational activities to online portals there are still certain things like jewelry and costumes that people depend upon for direct shopping. But recently several jewelry shops have opened their very own online portal for selling online Jewellery items. From gold to diamonds everything is made online today and now you can purchase all types of Jewellery items including fashion jewelry directly from the online websites or through mobile applications. Along with the websites, these mobile applications have also gained equal importance and usage among people because of their ability to be accessed easily. Every person carries a mobile these days and most of the people prefer surfing through their mobile whenever they have free time. So having an online jewelry app will allow you to check the update of new designs every now and then and purchase them if interested. The products present in this application will be updated regularly allowing you to check the new arrivals from your home without visiting the shop. There are a variety of online jewelry apps available in the market but very few applications are trusted by the people.
The best online gold jewelry shopping app available in the market is the DWS shop application. DWS jewelry is one of the most famous fashion designer jewelry shops located in Jaipur Rajasthan. We have a variety of designs that are exported all over the world and we also have our very own online website. In order to become more personalized and make our customers feel, we have created a gold jewelry app that can be operated from your mobile phone. With the help of this application, you can choose a variety of gold designs from your home and purchase them whenever interested. You can also order for customized design. We have our own set of designers who are well versed in creating customized designs. This particular application also offers a variety of other advantages. Let us now see about them in detail.

A Gift For Your Family

When there is a function in the family you might be forced to purchase a gift from the local gift shops or jewelry. But one problem most people say is that the collections in these shops will be less and it would be impossible for you to purchase a unique design for your loved ones. In such cases, you can always install our best jewelry app on your mobile phone and search for unique designs. We have a variety of designs available in our shop. We have a wide range of gold bangle collections along with matching chains and necklaces. Or if you find a bangle design that you love to gift your mother but do not have a matching necklace then you can always order for a customized design that will be manufactured by our experienced hand craftsman. We also have a wide range of gemstone based gold designs that will be more suitable for your sister. Most of the young generation girls these days prefer using gemstone based earrings so that it will match their costumes perfectly. You can now gift your sister these earrings with matching bracelets that will suit their age appropriately. You can also order some bracelets for your father using the best online jewelry app from DWS jewelry.

Design Your Jewels

Even though most of the designs present in the showroom will be unique and perfect people will still prefer to make certain changes in the existing design or create a new design altogether depending upon the requirement. In such cases having a designer at hand and creating a customized design with their help will be more comfortable for the customers. DWS jewelry in order to satisfy this particular requirement has introduced the concept of Designing your own jewelry with the help of our designers through the special Gold jewelry design app. This application will allow you to create your very own jewel and order then through an online medium. Our craftsmen will manufacture the jewel within a week and it will be delivered to your home with the proper package. Now expecting mums can design a perfect bangle or chain for their newborn baby. Now women do not have any need to fret over the jewel they have to wear for their upcoming function. They can easily design a product or send an image to us and get them within a week. Using these online shopping apps for jewelry you can get ready for your own engagement and marriage from your home without visiting any shop. As a bride, you can sit at your home and take rest while we prepare everything for you.
We have our very own manufacturing unit with a group of experienced craftsmen who have the ability to bring your design alive with proper detailing. Most of the people do not prefer purchasing gold items through an online medium because of the fear of getting cheated. But we have been existing in this particular field for many years and have gained immense trust from our customers. So the products you order will be delivered on time but the proper quality and design. The jewelry app download is easy and they can be accessed whenever you have free time.

Elegant Rings For Your Beautiful Hand

Rings have an important place in society. While most people wear beautiful rings to make their hand look beautiful some people prefer wearing the Rings as an exchange of promise. In some cultures, people exchange rings for announcing their engagement while in other cultures people exchange rings during their marriage as a form of a promise. People also wear their birthstone as a ring so that they can cherish all the positive energy surrounding the world using this particular ring. One of the fast-moving jewelry items that are commonly formed among the people in the ring and there are a variety of designs available in the market. If you are interested in purchasing a ring but do not have time to visit the shop you can use our special online gold jewelry app for designing your very own ring.
These rings will be manufactured and delivered within a short time. You can also order silver-based rings for your birthstone. All you have to do is select a ring type from the available options to provide the image of your preferred design. After selecting the structure of the Ring you can select the type of gemstone you want to place in the center along with its size and polish details. Also, mention your ring size while placing the order. The ring will be delivered to you within the next 7 days. You can also inscribe your Ring with words so that they will remind the person wearing the ring about you. All you need to do is spend some quality time on your mobile and you will have a perfect ring within a few days. We have a wide range of other common designs of gold rings in our shop and app. We have gold rings and silver with gold-dipped designs on our website.

Repair Your Jewellery

If there is one issue that most people commonly face it is the damage to their jewelry due to mishandling. Sometimes you might face certain problems like falling of gemstones, damage in the chain, broken clasps, and non-fitting rings. In such situations, people will have a major confusion on where to submit their jewel and rejuvenate them. Now you have a perfect option on your fingertip. With the help of our online gold jewelry shopping app, you can submit your damaged Jewellery items and get them repaired through our factory that is specially created for repairing the damaged items.
We have our very own unit with experts in soldering and filing who can join your broken jewelry and reduce the size of your ring within a short time. The repair will be done in such a way that it will be difficult for other people to find out such a repair has been done in that particular piece. All types of metals and jewel designs can be repaired by our factory. The product will be delivered in a short time.


About DWS

Some people have a wrong perception that when purchasing a product online they will be charged more than the product in the shop. But we at DWS jewelry offer the same price for both online and offline sales. We do not charge extra and the delivery of the product will be under perfect condition. With the help of our design experts and craftsman, we have traveled a long way and we are hoping to reach your heart with our exclusive designs present in our gold jewelry app. The installation and registration of the application are easy. Even old people can gift their loved ones without moving away from their home. You can also visit our shop

The Best Jewelry App For You

Initially, people all over the world preferred purchasing jewels directly from the shop. Whether it is a simple silver jewel or costly Diamond Jewellery there are various steps involved before purchasing them. The women preferred seeing the designs in person, selecting them and then wearing them before finalizing them. Sometimes people will not be satisfied with their particular design available in the shop. So they will make the changes to the existing design and then submit them for remodeling or creating a new design from scratch with the help of the available jewelers. This concept was not just for jewel shops but they followed it widely for purchasing everything including food items. But nowadays everything has become online and people have also started preferring online purchase of jewelry. The concept of the Jewellery app was introduced a few years ago, and it has taken off during recent months. From fashion jewels to gold there are a variety of designs and models available on the online websites. In order to satisfy the requirements of their clients all over the world, DWS jewelry has also created its own jewelry app with the display of its designer jewels and other features in the mobile world. This particular application comes along with a variety of other features and lets us see about them in detail.

Jewelry At A Low Price

Nowadays with the increase in jewelry items, there has also been an increase in the price. When people purchase a jewelry item they will be charged for the price of the metal like silver or gold according to the current market rate along with making changes. Only very few shops all over the world sell jewelry items with less making charges because of their ability to make jewelry in their own manufacturing unit. We at DWS offer a variety of designs at a low price and our designs can also be selected through our online website or through our jewelry apps for Android. We have a variety of jewelry designs on our mobile applications that you can view and purchase depending upon your wish.
This particular application is the best suited for people living away, and are not able to visit our shop personally. We have published a variety of jewelry designs on our cheap jewelry apps for the satisfaction of our customers. From normal silver necklace to grand gold plated bridal design everything is available for sale at a reasonable rate. We do not charge high and the making charge is totally decent in our shop.

Jewelry For Your Valentine

Valentine's Day is a special day where men try to buy something special for their loved ones with special jewelry. If you are thinking about purchasing a design for your valentine that will be unique and special then the best option is to purchase a customized design. But it will be impossible for a person, especially men to visit a shop and design a customized jewel that will impress their women. So the best option is to use our special custom jewelry app to design a jewel that will suit your requirement and deliver it to your doorstep without visiting us. You can also chat with our designers and create a design or send the image of the design to us through the jewelry design app android.
You can design all types of jewels including chains, necklaces, rings, hand bracelets. We have a variety of designs made up of silver, gold, earrings, bangles, and gold plated jewels. You can either design a simple chain with a pendant or grand necklace with a matching Bracelet and bangles. So whatever design you choose you can order through our special application that will allow you to give your valentine without any delay and wasting your time.

Special Bridal Jewelry

If there is one thing that women will cherish for eternity, it is their special costume and jewelry they wore as a bride. Most of the people commonly use the jewels rented from the parlor or their own gold jewelry for their marriage. But the main disadvantage in these two is that the parlor based designs are not unique and might be used by many brides before. At the same time, the design of your gold jewelry will not be grand looking, and purchasing a gold one will be costly. So the best option is the beautiful fashion bridal designs that are made up of high-quality silver plated with gold. This will reduce the cost incurred and you can enjoy a unique design for your marriage. But one of the major disadvantages is that most of these designer products are available for sale only in certain shops. Also if you are looking for customization then it is more difficult to obtain a shop that can manufacture a special designer jewel just for you.
To create a perfect opportunity for women all over the world who are trying to buy a customized product, DWS Jewellery mobile apps for jewelry is the best option for you to create and order a customized design that you can wear for your wedding. The clients can send an image of their preference along with special preferences like gemstones and metals. We are one of the best designs of your own jewelry app, in the market. So the brides can now design their own bridal set from it with the help of our designer to create a unique design that will be delivered to you within a short time. The delivery will be made safely with proper packaging and protection.
We also have jewelry apps for iPhone so that all of our clients can enjoy the credibility. All you have to do is install the application and start designing your own jewels that will be manufactured by us with intense precision by our skilled craftsmen.

Earring That Glitter

The relation between women and earrings has been existing for several centuries and it will never go away. Every woman will have their own collection of earrings with varying designs and sizes. When a woman is stressed they always love shopping but it is not possible for them to leave the house every time. So recently the introduction of online shopping portals have made it easier for them to shop a variety of Jewellery items without visiting the shop directly. If you are looking for an exclusive application where you can search for a wide range of designs then the best app to buy jewelry is the DWS jewelry application. They are easy to install and the registration is free. The application consists of a variety of earring designs and also other types of face jewelry. This is one of the best face jewelry apps in the market with plain and gemstone based designs. You can place the selected items on your cart and then finalize the designs you want to purchase. Suppose if you like the design of a particular earring but wish to have the gemstones replaced with another color then you can always request the shop for a customized design with the specification. We have a special manufacturing unit for creating customized design products with our own set of handcraft men.
Our factory is well known for manufacturing both artificial and handmade Jewel items. So you can purchase all types of facial jewels from our special app jewelry.

Gemstones For A Bright Future

Jaipur is a city that is famous and well known for its collection of gemstones. We are one of the leading gemstone manufacturers and exporters in the country. Most people prefer wearing their birthstone as a ring or a pendant for providing good luck in their day to day life. But one issue they commonly face is sometimes getting a duplicate gemstone and wearing it for a long time without absorbing any power. For most people, it is impossible for them to visit the shop personally and get the original gemstones so the best option is to order online through our mobile application. All you have to do is select the gemstone along with the ring design and size and make an order. You can also place a customized ring design so that you will feel unique and special. You can also order for your birthstone to be placed in a bracelet or pendant according to your requirement. All your orders will be prepared either through our artificial manufacturing or through our hand craftsmen. All the intricate designs will be perfectly made to provide a perfect finish for the product.
At DWS, we have a wide range of collections in the jewel designs. All these collections are displayed in our special application. So now people from all over the world can enjoy the designs created by our designers. We have our special designer who is well versed in the current fashion and can provide you with tips and suggestions to find the perfect jewel set for your costumes. You can now gift your friends during friendship day and also purchase jewelry for a wide range of other functions. We have jewelry-collections for both men and women. So if you want to purchase from our collection you can always install our application and choose the perfect design or create your own design which we will send you within a short span of time.

DWS Jewellery- The Best Online Jewellery Shopping App

The work culture in the jewellery business has changed drastically over the years. In the age of digitalization, companies in addition to traditional forms have now opted for online commerce which helps, to open new ways to reach out to the customers.
Many queries arise in the minds of customers before purchasing jewellery. Is it safe to do jewellery shopping online? Is online shopping cheaper as compared to shopping from a retail jewellery store? DWS JewelleryPvt. Ltd. has a solution to all the questions and the confusion that arise in the mind of customers.
DWS Jewellery is the best online jewellery shopping app in Jaipur, Rajasthan. DWS JewelleryPvt. Ltd. is a private company that has a wide collection of jewellery designs to satisfy customer needs and wants. Ever since the online services have emerged, the company sales flourished immensely. DWS JewelleryPvt. Ltd. provides its customers with high-quality products and the latest designs to fulfilthe demand of females of every age group. In this digital age, online jewellery shopping is the best option for tech-savvy customers who can not afford to spend their precious timegoing to retail stores physically.
DWS has a team of highly skilled and creative designers that manufactures elegant and classic jewels for its customers. DWS Jewellery is the most reputed and trusted jewellery shopping app that makes your shopping experience safe and happy. Online shopping gives a high level of comfort to its customers as there is the ease of having the whole market in your hands, and there will be no third party available who can influence their decisions. DWS provides excellent online services to its customers as they are India’s best and trusted jewellery manufactures who have a variety of valuable jewels to make various products like pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings, bangles, bracelets, and several other items.
Few factors that should be considered while opting for online purchasing are pricing, quality, and authenticity of the jewellery and DWS surely provides all these. Online jewellery shopping is a great idea forworking customers who have limited time to go to the retail stores. DWS Jewellery gives its customers comfort and convenience to do shoppingfrom anywhere and anytimewithout going to its physical location. They provide you with a vast collection of jewellery products online like diamond jewellery, fashion jewellery, gemstone jewellery, traditional silver jewellery, Kundan jewellery, statement fashion jewellery, enchanting rope, weaving collection, charming horn, Cz gemstones, and many more. Online purchase of jewellery products gives customers the liberty to go through many jewellery designs in one go, without disturbing the set schedule of the day. DWS Jewellery creates a seamless experience when it comes to shopping for jewellery products. There are various factors that DWS Jewellery gives to its customers to make their shopping easy and comfortable.
  1. Affordablerates: Online rates of jewellery items are more reasonable than on the retail stores as they keep lesser price margins. Retail stores have to keep their stock in the prime location to attract more customers, which eventually increases the cost of inventory. Online demand for jewellery is flouring nowadays as the company provides exclusive deals and discounts to its customers, as customer satisfaction is the topmost priority for them.
  2. Authenticity: DWS JewelleryPvt. Ltd. is the most trusted jewellery manufacturers in India, laboratories like IGI (International Gem Institute) does quality checks on their jewellery products. DWS always provides hallmarked gold and silver jewels to its customers that are certified by various reputed laboratories.
  3. Customized Jewellery Products: DWS Jewelleryare the most reputed jewellery makers in India which provides its customers with supreme quality jewels as per their satisfaction. DWS Jewellery is one of the few companies which specializes in making customized jewellery as per customer demands. Women these days are self-sufficient to design theirjewellery, DWS helps to give these ideas a more concrete form using years of experience and labour specialization.
  4. Secure payments: Customers can make payments using a secured gateway through DWS mobile application while making purchases via several payment methods. It can be linked to digital wallets/ Cards safeguarding personal data entered by the customer who wants to purchase the product. The mobile application is monitored by professionals on a real-time basis to ensure a non-breachable firewall ensuring the safety of confidential data of the customers.
  5. Shipping and Return Policy: DWS Jewellery takes 7-10 working days from the invoice date to ship the order. The company collaborates with reputed third party shipping partners to ensure a safe and smooth shipping process. Return policy can vary from product to product, the customer care representatives are available 24/7 to take any concerns related to product shipping and returns, ensuring happy shopping experiences of the customers.
The DWS application supports varied customer needs, such as searching for desired products from a wide range of jewellery collection or using various built-in filters for jewellery selection. Customers can use online services to purchase customized jewellery depending upon personal preferences by providing relevant details online through the mobile application.
DWS jewellery application is one stop for all the jewellery related requirements. The company has highly skilled and talented craftsmen in a separate division looking to resolve all the customers’ demands including repair works. They also provide flexibility for urgent orders and provide the best services in a short duration.
DWS Jewellery is the best online jewellery shopping appin the market that has a variety of designs offered to its customers. Our website helps the customers to have a wide range of designs for rings, anklets, tiara, earrings, pendants, bracelets, bangles, cuffs, and other precious & semi-precious ornaments. They also enable self-customized products, un-like other available shopping options.
Jewellery is one of the most invested and on-growing markets in the current scenario with guaranteed returns. DWS Jewelleryprovides a platform to its customers to have the best affordable prices, offers and deals. It alsoleads the peer group through its years of experience and professional taskforce engaging 24/7 with visibility for customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and customer convenience.
Download the app from playstore now for easy and convenient jewellery shopping. Visit us at

Best App For Artificial Jewelry

The fashion industry has recently shifted its concentration towards fashion jewelry made of solver and one gram gold. With the increasing price of gold jewelry, people are slowly shifting their concentration towards artificial jewels. The price is not the only reason but along with that people also prefer artificial one- gram gold designs because of the variety of designs they have for a low price. There are many designs available in the market and the advantage of these fashion jewels is that they are available for a low price and they provide a look similar to gold. Women prefer these designs because they are also risk-free. So now most of the brides can purchase these risk-free jewels for a low price and look beautiful during their marriage. The fashion jewel industry has grown a lot during the past couple of years. There are many designs available with or without gemstones. But these fashion jewels should be maintained properly so that they do not lose their colour and Shine after a few days.
Despite their popularity, there are very few shops that sell authentic fashion jewel items. So if you are looking for a variety of designs then you can always install DWS jewelry's special online artificial jewelry shopping app. We are located in Jaipur, Rajasthan and well known for our wide range of designs. We have customers all over the world and if you are interested in taking a look at our collections you can download our jewelry selling app. This application is suitable for all types of mobile phones including android and iPhone. They can be installed easily and you can now view and purchase these jewels from home.

Bridal Wear For Your Special Day

When you are a bride you will be faced with a lot of choices. While you try to choose a perfect saree for your bridal wear you should also subsequently be able to match it up with suitable jewelry so that you can get an idea on the outlook. But most of the brides do not get this particular chance because there is not any bridal shop that sells both clothes and jewels. In such a situation having a bridal jewelry app from the dws shop will allow you to enjoy and view a wide range of bridal collections and you can purchase both the cloth and jewelry at the same time. Sometimes you might not be satisfied with the jewel designs available in our app and in such situations you can join forces with our designers and create the unique custom design that you can wear during your wedding. We have our own set of designers and manufacturing units and hence all the designs can be manufactured by us using special craftsmen that are well known for their handcrafting skills.
Our application contains a wide range of bridal design collections as a whole set or as a separate design. If you are interested in simple Gold jewelry you can always purchase the special one gram gold collection available in our application.  else you can also choose among the unique gemstone jewelry designs that are present in both our application and shop. The brides can now relax in the home and choose the best bridal jewelry they can get in the entire country through this best jewelry selling app.

Be A Fashionista

If there is one thing most women in the world are worried about, it is being a fashion icon and wearing the proper set of clothes with matching designs. There are a variety of designs and modern jewel designs available in the shops but it is impossible to view them all at the same time. For such difficulties, the best choice available is our best artificial jewelry app. These fashion jewels are of cheap rate and they can be used for all occasions. They appear like real gold and the silver designs give a perfect authentic feel. These special fashion items can be matched with all types of clothes including sarees. Most women prefer wearing fashion designs for their regular usages like college and small functions. These fashion jewels because of their low price can be purchased in bulk and matched with a suitable dress. With the help of my jewelry app, you can select a suit by design for your costume and purchase them immediately. This is a simple process and easier when compared to purchasing them by visiting multiple shops.
We at dws offer a wide range of collections combined with customised jewelry options that will allow you to create your own design. If you have any design that needs to be replicated or recreated you can always send the image through your mobile application and we will complete the order with perfect design and deliver you within a week. The concept of fashion jewelry is a wide area and also to keep up with that we have made sure to provide a wide range of collections.

One Gram Jewelry

Recently the jewelry world has been experiencing a new type of fashion jewelry called the one gram gold. Here the entire design is made up of high-quality silver and they are later then dipped in 22-carat gold so that they will provide a gold-like appearance.  This is preferred by people all over the world because of their rich outlook and cheap price. Most of the gold bridal jewelry used in parlours belong to this particular category and they are better than the imitation designs because of the authentic look they provide. We at DWS jewelry provide a wide range of collections suitable for all occasions. Our one gram jewelry app is well known among women all over the world and we also have a huge collection for men. Both men and women can purchase from our huge collection of one gram gold designs. You can choose a cute and simple chain with a pendant for college and grand bangles for functions. Women can start their collection of one gram jewels that can be maintained easily. Even if the jewel looks old after a few years you can also re-dip them in gold for a shiny appearance. They are cheap and this polishing can be done in local shops itself. Now all the college and office going women can purchase this simple one gram design set from our fashion jewelry app and enjoy a good collection.

Gift Your Friends

College days are mostly magical. Celebrating all the days and gifting your friends with valuable items will be a regular activity among men and women. But the one thing that will prevent them from giving jewels as gifts is because of their budget. The original gold jewel costs a lot and hence purchasing them will not be possible. Also while studying in college it will be impossible to leave the hostel and go shopping every now and then. So in situations, the best option available is to install the artificial jewelry app and purchase the artificial solve and one gram gold designs for your friends. These applications save a lot of time and will prevent you from going out and purchasing them. All you have to do is install this best artificial jewelry app from the DWS jewel shop and choose the design that will suit your friend. Men can give some of the best bracelet designs for their friends. Women can choose from our collection of modern jewelry earrings that can be worn along with all types of costumes. Our app has a collection of a wide range of earrings including dangles, chandeliers, buttons, studs and chain earrings. They are available as normal plain designs and also with a variety of gemstones. You can also purchase uniform friendship bracelets and other types of matching jewels so that it will remain as a symbol of your friendship for eternity. Men can also purchase carved bracelets and tag change made up of silver and one-gram gold. You can also buy matching rings with the names of your names and friendship quotes carved within each ring. It is because of our wide range of designs we are named as one of the best apps for artificial jewelry.
DWS is one of the best jewelry shops in our country that is well known for its collection of fashion jewels. To keep up with the modern technology we have created an application which has gained immense popularity and has become one of the best jewelry app designs. We have well-experienced designers who can create a variety of designs that will go well along with modern trends and clothes.  We have our own set of repair factories and manufacturing units that are involved in creating designs and repairing the damages of old jewels. So purchasing from our shop or application will ensure lifelong safety and all the products ordered through the application will be delivered to you within a short time. The product will be packaged with the utmost security and protection. We also offer many other services like filing, gemstone placements, and polishing. For more details visit our website at

Jewelry Selling Apps Open New Avenues For Online Jewelry Sale

Beautiful and precise pieces of jewelry are a work of art. Being able to buy designer jewelry yourself or even getting it customized is something most of us want. And what makes this possible is the jewelry design app.
These apps are the future of the jewelry marketplace globally as they open up multiple avenues for buyers and designers. Their unique features and ever-evolving algorithm provide a futuristic experience and convenience.

Understanding A Jewelry Mobile App:

A jewelry-related app is not like any other e-commerce app. Here, there is scope for creative designs, different kinds of customizations, and render the ability to browse through exclusive design from the comfort of a home. Even when it comes to apps for jewelry designers, there are various ways they can aid their work. In times when almost everything is being digitized jewelry apps are the building blocks of the upcoming jewelry marketplace.
The fact that one can get almost anything online has made it a necessity to make digitization possible in every industry. The field of jewelry design keeps changing and bringing new trends frequently. Sticking to the conventional, offline methods of marketing in jewelry, will only slow down the potential growth of the industry. And to keep this from happening, jewelry selling apps are an ideal option.

Benefits Of A Jewelry Design App: For Buyers:

There are a lot more jewelry buyers than designers. Such software applications for jewelry enthusiasts let them explore and purchase their desired products. This kind of convenience will only help the industry prosper and evolve. Apart from this, there are several other benefits that these apps render to buyers. Some of the key benefits are as follows:

Easy To Use:

Numerouno benefit and the selling point for jewelry selling apps is how easy they are to use. Everything one needs to see and find can be made available right there. There are filters and sort by options that will narrow down the choices for the buyers. Besides, there is a price range for everybody letting the buyers choose as per their budget. Apps for jewelry buyers are like multiple jewelry shops in hand where they can explore without getting their feet tired.


Everyone has different choices, and each of us applies various filters. Most buyers often prefer a personalized search, and we would love to get the same at our fingertips. Jewelry shopping software applications can provide us with all these facilities.
 As the user keeps using the app, it can even adapt to the choices and browsing history to provide a more personal experience. The options, the wish list, the preferences are saved, and the algorithm of the application adapts to the same. Therefore, this makes the jewelry shopping experience even more fascinating and engaging.

Ease In Customization:

Being able to get customized jewelry would be a blessing to any jewelry enthusiast. Achieving this in person with the designer has some cons. The range of designs the jewelry designer can show may be limited. Besides, it can be difficult to convey the design thought in your head in front of the designer accurately.
Jewelry selling apps can provide this option, and it can be much easier to visualize the designs in your head. The various filters and customizations with different stones and colors will make the shoppers feel more heard.

Numerous Options:

When one goes shopping for jewelry, they would have to go around multiple shops to find a wide range of products. It can be tiresome and time-consuming.
At times, desired products may not even be available. The application can collect designs and products from multiple sources bringing plenty of choices for the buyers. It would be like browsing through several shops without even having to move. Also, newer products keep being introduced, which maintains an interest in shopping and exploring the latest trends and product range.

Remote Purchases:

E-commerce websites and apps are the future and now of shopping. To be able to just browse on-screen and get things delivered at your doorstep is the level of convenience we all seek. It is the process where we see one of the greater known benefits of the apps for jewelry.
Making remote purchases by sitting back on the couch is perhaps the best way to keep the buyers interested. Some may have doubts about the quality of the products. However, with the growing fever of online shopping, this fear has been put behind by many. Shopping from trustworthy websites and apps to buy jewelry is how one can ensure a safe purchase.

Benefits Of Jewelry Apps For Designers:

As mentioned previously, there are way more buyers than designers. Even when numerous new designs keep coming to the market every day, they would never be sufficient. The need for new for people will keep growing. Therefore, gaining the interest of several new designers can become easy, by making the app user friendly and easy to design. There are many other advantages of apps for jewelry designers that will motivate them to design. Some of such benefits are given as follows:

Keeping Up With The Trends:

When working on your own, it requires getting out of the comfort zone to research the trends in the industry. Jewelry apps can help in getting this research to the designers. Also, in case, the designs look like a mock-up of another, some apps have features to detect the same. Being updated with the trends also helps the jewelry sellers to create products that are original as well as trendy. Apps aiding in keeping up with the trends is an aiding feature these can provide.

Multiple Filters:

With the different kinds of filters and customizations available on the screen, it becomes easier to visualize the design. Trying on colors, different materials, gems and stones, patterns, and other such customizations can be made. Instead of working with a pencil and paper, the designers can conveniently create and revise the jewelry designs. If the designs are custom, changes according to the client's requirement can be easy. Besides, the availability of easy filters also saves time, keeping enough space to take up multiple projects.

Better Idea Of The Final Product:

When using an app to design jewelry, the maker will get an idea of what the final products will look like. Drawing may not always be as detailed and might miss out on some aspects of the design. But when it comes to an app, it becomes easier, allowing the designer to understand where they are going with the design point of view.
Different angles of the piece and what colors or patterns suit it best can be analyzed without any glitches. Also, it keeps a window to make easy changes in the final product, depending on the changing trends and requirements.

Reviewing Before Manufacturing:

When the design is ready, which will be sooner than a pencil-paper design, it can be reviewed as well. The designer will have ample time to take opinions from experts or even try different versions of the drawings. Therefore, it opens up several new avenues for the designer. One can even take votes to finally fixate on a design that is most likely to sell. All the time saved by visualizing the design can be used in carrying out other activities.

Help Create a Social Media Presence:

The jewelry selling apps used for designing jewelry are convenient, sure. Although there are other benefits of these apps, they can also help easily in keeping up a social media presence.
Nowadays, where almost everything is related to social media, maintaining a social media presence is essential. Posting raw designs or time-lapses of design drafting is something people love to watch. With software applications for designing and selling, making such posts for social media platforms becomes simpler. Hence, creating or maintaining social media presence becomes less stressful with the use of apps.

Jewelry Mobile App In the Global Marketplace:

Jewelry is an industry that has global significance. Therefore, it is no wonder that jewelry-related software applications have an internationally spread audience. There are numerous apps specific to the said country, and some even for buyers worldwide. Also, apps can connect designers, buyers, and sellers of jewelry online from everywhere, allowing in a well-bonded industry.
Apps can spread across the world of new developments in the designing or manufacturing process. Information is obtained, on the festivals or seminars or even online workshops with these apps. There are versions of a jewelry design app for iPhone adapting to the iOS. Combining the features of an iPhone and the app, it can truly be unique. The same goes for versions of a jewelry design app for android.
Overall, jewelry selling apps are the future of the industry. Apart from the e-commerce giants, the best online app for jewelry can render a personalized experience to the customers. There is a lot of scope in designing and manufacturing jewelry for the current and upcoming generation. DWS Jewellery is a reputed brand that offers jewelry selling options through online channels. They have a plethora of silver and brass jewelry designs. Explore their amazing online collections today!

Are Custom Jewelry Apps The Future Of Jewelry Design?

Jewelry design is enjoying a new position with technological growth. You can create anything on 3D printing using online customized apps, and services are made prominent to all. The possibility of the print has changed a lot. These days jewelry designs on apps are possible too!
The apps for ring design are available for super-fast and swift jewelry design. The jewelers are also becoming dependent on technology for efficient outcomes. If you are looking for a smart jewelry design with bright gemstones studded these jewelry apps can surely help you. When making jewelry, accuracy has to be maintained. There are a few notable apps that will help you to grab the best collection.

Find The Jewellery Design App That You Need:

There are also apps like design your own ring app, which will make the initial steps of designing and selection easier. You simply have to create a plan by using CD CAD design software in 3D files. Some jewelers like DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. based in Jaipur, is also adopting these trends. The firm focuses on creating magnificent designs to shape the accuracy of any gemstone jewelry using CAD modeling. 
If you are buying jewelry online certain doubts must also be clarified. Do you want organic shapes? Will you be okay with 3D prints? Are you willing to purchase geometric shapes? If you are clear with these confusing questions, then designing and selection can become simple. The apps help you create impressive jewelry pieces.

Benefits Of Enjoying A Custom Jewelry App:

Custom jewelry apps offer a revolutionary way to get unique pieces as per your taste and preferences. The designs are offered based on your choice. These are gorgeous pieces that also receive a lot of compliments. If you are looking for the wedding ring app, that too is now available in the market! When it comes to customizing handmade jewelry, and personalized jewelry receives special attention. The quality and traditionalism involved in it are maintained.
For instance, silver sterling can be designed based on plated or solid non-plated gold. If you wish for gemstones in it, choose it wisely. The designs for the earrings app on android are hard to believe that it exists. You have the privilege to select the style, chain length, and size of the item. The sparkling new delightful collection of jewelry will help you to adorn your love for less than you could even think will be possible.

Jewelry Apps Help To:

• You will receive a notification on the design you choose.
• You can order a pre-designed item and then customize it.
• You can share the design ideas and snaps of your new pieces with an interactive camera.
• There are options for loyalty, rewards, and promotions.
• The easy quote and inquiry forms are available.
• There are simple contact and reach out to the process for any return or replacement issues.

Technology And Artificial Intelligence Have Elevated The Gem And Jewelry Industry:

The future of the gem and jewelry sector is booming. The customization ability using the best app for earrings or best earrings app has made things more personalized. 3D design tools are also going disruptive. The direct metal printing, elimination of the molds and machinery are the new spark. Here, mentioning blockchain and its transparency is nolonger stepped back. These gemstones are traceable to their sources. 
The industry, although, pushes for ethical practices which, as per some, is lost. There are many enticing results of using the custom jewelry app. The luxurious jewelry designed can be accessed from the comfort of your home. The realistic visualization of the jewelry makes it comfortable and possible for all.

3D Prints Have Revolutionized The Jewelry Sector:

The casting process of 3D printing is already streamlined. The artisans make the wax molds and metal prints on their design. The direct wax prints are easy. There are machines needed for precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum to make the production process much faster. The customized earrings online shopping app by the leading expert jewelry sellers offer the top-quality product. It eliminates the need to invest in the tooling processes, like molds and casts. The design of the jewelry using precious metal powder will avoid material loss and metal changeover.
With the advent of the 3D printed customized jewelry trend, it is undoubtedly true that the trend is changing for good. The enthusiastic customers use the best app to buy earrings, get the bespoke design with no cost to the manufacturers. The large scale of customization involves smart customers who are digitally sound in selecting and choosing luxurious jewelry studded with gemstones.

Virtual Try-On Customized Jewelry Is A Unique Experience:

The intelligence of dictating jewelry designs and specifications is useful in the gradual trend of AI-injected Virtual and Augmented Reality technology. It even seems enticing that the online earrings apps will make the possible steps to virtually try on the jewelry. You need to take a close-up image and experience how it looks on you. This process will help you to get an accurate idea of a particular set you are choosing. 
The recognition feature of the VR apps detects your hands, feet, and face as well. The AI integrated technology, and machine learning is easy to offer customers with high personalized jewelry. Design, materials, stones, and even size can be accurately understood, over a virtual try.
There are product catalogs where the opportunities of trying out 3D models are easier. It is much more promising and impressive to enhance customer interaction and engagement. This new trend for jewelry selection using a necklace app or apps ring or design your own ring app makes choosing easier like never before. 

Jewelry Designing Is A Rewarding Option For Customers:

Be it a wedding ring app or an earring app on android, designing jewelry is enjoyed widely, as you get enough chance to customize it. The traditional goldsmith uses designs as per their choices, and the jewelry buyers have to choose from the fixed set of designs only.
The changed scenario has made life easy. Any jewelry designing company now offers the choice of customizing from the buyer's end. The expert designer introduces the notable designing plans and ideas to make your jewelry a perfect replica of what you have imagined.
Those looking for jewelry designing as a profession have the aspiration to offer the most desirable customized product. The best app for earrings is not limited to design alone. There are ample options where choosing the best gemstone and sharing the most vibrant design is made easier.

Growing Trend And Comfort In Online Jewelry Customizing And Marketing:

Customers are increasingly comfortable buying and selling from online sites. The best earrings app and the earrings online shopping app have a wide range of items. It is due to the ever-continuous demand for luxury goods. The mid-market jewelry brands and retailers are suffering from the declined consumer interest in buying pre-designed items. 
The competition from niche is independent of the rising brands.
The best app to buy earrings are loved by all. It stands out from the crowd for its unique collection and features to entice the buyer. The contributors to the global market are increasing in number. The increasing number of customers to buy from online earrings apps is exclusively in demand. The high-end fashion jewelry experience is now possible through the necklace app online.  
Asian buyers are particular about their choice of jewelry. The online customization makes them happier to buy what they wish to wear. Top international brands have already marked a new trend of jewelry design from early 2012. The digital effects on online customized jewelry make the craze higher. The crystal clear, transparent features make it more attractive to all.

In The Slow-Moving Market, What Can Be Sold In Terms Of Jewelry?

From the manufacturers’ perspective, people love to invest in buying jewelry. Jewelry is linked with a story that the manufacturers wish to share with the enthusiastic buyer. The consumers find meaning and emotion attached to it. 
The customized options are valued, without any choice. It effectively elevates the product's essence and adds meaning to the design. Jewelry has a statement that adds to one's personality. There is an emotion attached to it as well. The manufacture keeps these designs and products visible to all.
Conclusion:  Are Custom Jewellery Apps The Future Of Jewellery Design?
In the world of digital, custom jewelry apps are showing possible traits of growth. There is no possibility of setting back speed from this. Today buyers are more into a unique collection. They are more into choosing customized jewelry to mix and match. The intuition on jewelry taste and the digital way of buying it has become the new normal. 
Every advanced manufacturer, like DWS Jewellery, aims to offer a premium quality product. The jewelry sketch that your grandmother designed for you is now easily customized and made into reality using the best app for earrings and other ornaments. Make your dream come true with a promising collection of ornaments using online apps for jewelry.